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You're not dead yet, stop sleeping like a mummy


Excellent quality and comfort

These are the nicest quilts you can find for camping. In addition to being incredibly lightweight, they are super warm. I found myself having to adjust what I wore to sleep because of how effective they are at retaining heat. We were able to simplify our packing considerably thanks to these blankets. We no longer have to carry big bulky sleeping bags.

Derek Punsalan 9/26/22

This is hands down the best quilt/blanket for roof top tent camping. It fits 2 people perfectly and is incredibly warm. Before, we had to layer a ton of blankets to stay warm, now we only need one! It’s also extremely soft to the touch and just all around fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about this product!

Nico Anderson 4/5/22

I trashed my sleeping bags!

Lets keep this short, I spent a lot of money on Down sleeping bags that didn’t let me move at night and I felt like a mummy. Also had to buy a sleeping bag for the summer because my winter sleeping bag was too hot for me to use during the summer nights. The Hoverquilt solved all those problems. Its warm when it dips bellow 40, and it keeps me cool at night during all my summer camping trips. On top of everything it packs smaller than all the sleeping gear I carried with me for two people.

Marvin Uribe 8/3/22

The hoverquilt is THE blanket. Keeps you warm even when it gets down to 30 degrees ...
Easy to store in the Go Fast Camper, and plenty big for 2 people. Soft outer material is quite comfortable. I'm yet to run into a downside.

Zach Askey 3/12/22

I used the quilt like 10 times at different times while camping in my GFC. My girlfriend and myself have sleeping bags, but we haven’t needed them after we bought the quilt...
Easy to carry and pack.
Highly quality materials for sure. I highly recommend the Hoverquilt to anyone that love the outdoors. We used it in Colorado, Arkansas, and Florida in temperatures ranging from 25 to 65F.

Juan Sebastian Diaz 2/16/22

The build quality is absolutely stunning. Everything about this quilt is pure magic ... the feel is amazing and the quality is glaringly apparent.
Super high quality down and overall craftsmanship, and the design is the size for my GFC Camper! Not to mention the amazing customer service, stellar branding, and boutique feel. I can tell this quilt is going places and will last me a stoked to take it with me everywhere I go! Looking forward to all of the future Aeronaut offerings!!

Collin 1/25/22

Why did I ever use a sleeping bag?

Incredible ... Ranging from temps of 25 F to 75F it handles it all with ease ...makes you forget you are not at home in your normal bed. Constant dog claws, dirt and mud have had no negative impact on the quilt. We are leaving on a three week roadtrip to Alaska and we are confident that this quilt will be the only bedding item we need.

Thanks for an amazing product Aeronaut!

Michael Sabey 7/15/22