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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & shipping

Are there any shipping costs?

All orders over $50 will be delivered for free (in the US)

For orders under $50 a shipping cost of $7 is charged

When will my order ship?

Online orders ship from our warehouse Monday–Friday and are usually scanned for shipment within a few days day. We fulfill online orders on a first-in, first-out basis.

If you have specific questions about your order shipping, please contact us directly.

How can I track my order?

Online order tracking is automatically emailed to the email address that was used during checkout.

A tracking number is sent as soon as an online order is packaged and scanned for shipment from our warehouse.

Storing & Using

What's the best way to store my Hoverquilt?
  • Each quilt comes with an included storage bag for long term storage (1 month +)  This helps increase the longevity of the premium down. 
  • For a shorter time, it can easily be compressed in the included stuff sack, or a rooftop tent, backpack, etc.
How do I clean my Hoverquilt?
  • Do not dry clean!  The chemicals will damage the materials.
  • Simple spot cleaning works wonders on our DWR fabric.
  • When you need to fully clean your quilt, you can use your home washer and dryer or by hand.
  • Make sure to use delicate cycles and a down-safe detergent.
  • When you dry it, use a gentle tumble and low or no heat.
  • Toss in a few dryer balls or clean tennis balls to help the down to fluff up. 
Can I use it at home?
  • Absolutely! Our products are designed for the ultimate comfort on your adventures and everyday life. Home is wherever Aeronaut is with you.
How cold can I actually go, *comfortably*?
  • Your quilt is built like a premium 15F sleeping bag - so we have a True Comfort rating of 30F / -1C.  You personally may sleep comfortably warm with your Aeronaut at 20F or lower, or you may start to feel a little chilly when it dips below 40F.
  • Every body sleeps at different temperatures, so start using it in less extreme temperatures to get a sense of what's best for you.
  • If you double up (2 Hoverquilts), that level of insulation gives you a True Comfort rating of 0F / -17.8C
  • Pro Tip - Use Aerostraps!  Your warmth is significantly improved when you reduce draft (cold air from shifting the blanket around), and Aerostraps keep your quilt in place.
Can I make it even bigger?
  • YES.  Using our Aerotoggles, you can connect 1 (or more!) to make it as big as your heart's desire:
  • 1 Hoverquilt is Queen Size
  • 2 Firequilts make a King Size
  • 3+ is just pure awesomeness.
How do I engage Hammock Mode?
  • Most hammocks do not insulate underneath you, so a quilt used as an "underquilt" is ideal in colder weather.
  • Use Aerotoggles and the loops on each side of the quilt.  Wrap the quilt underneath the hammock and connect it to itself, or another quilt on top.
  • The Firequilt has a cinch bottom that is magical for creating a footbox on its own.  It's also great for cinching around the end of a hammock.

Repair, Replace, Returns

There is some down coming out of my quilt ... Is something wrong?

Every once in a while, all down products leak feathers (or plumes). This is normal and there's no need to worry too much.

If a feather is sticking out of the quilt, reach from the other side and gently pull or massage it back into the quilt.

If there are excessive feathers, check for rips or tears.

How do I repair a hole my quilt?

Determine the size of the hole, and apply a lightweight adhesive patch.

We recommend Tenacious Tape from GearAid, or Noso patches.

If you decide to sew a hole closed, try to keep a high stitch count. A higher SPI (stitches per inch) will help keep the down inside. We recommend about 14-16 SPI.

My quilt is beyond repair. What do I do?

If it cannot be repaired, it may be able to be repurposed! We've seen used old sleeping bags turned into pillows or smaller blankets, even backpacks.

If it cannot be repurposed, it is always recyclable. The fabric is nylon. Take the down out first:

Down is biodegradable! It is also an excellent fertilizer. Make sure you are outside when you open up any baffles, as down loves to float all over and make big messes - trust us.

What about manufacturing defects?

In the rare case that there's a manufacturing defect, reach out! We will make it right and repair or replace at no cost to you.

How do I return my order?

Sleep on it! You've got 110 nights from purchase, and if you're not 110% stoked, receive a full refund and we pay return shipping.

If you would like to initiate a return, please use the contact form on our website, or contact us at gotosleep@aeronautoutdoor.com